• Director Identification Number (DIN): It’s a unique identification number issued by MCA to all the directors. DIN can be applied for and allotted separately or at the time of incorporation of the company.


  • Post-Incorporation Services: These services have a vast ambit and should not be ignored to avoid additional penalties for a newly incorporate entity. Its pertinent to keep your business compliant to ensure smooth running of businesses.


  • Drafting services – Legal Agreements, contacts and deeds: Crucial & Critical legal documents are required to be prepared in wake of dynamic environment of businesses. We assist in drafting of Memorandum of Understanding, Promoters Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Commercial Agreements, Share Transfer deeds, Partnership agreements, Conversion agreements, drafting schemes of amalgamation or arrangement, public offer for acquisition or takeover etc.


An agreement is a mutual understanding between two or more persons to perform or refrain from performing a duty. Agreement becomes legally binding on the parties only when it becomes a contract and is enforceable in a court of law.

“Every contract is an agreement but not all agreements are said to be contracts”.