As part of good corporate governance, every company is required to maintain various statutory registers as per section 88 and various other provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, rules and regulations. These registers must be up to date and kept at the Registered office of the Company and can be accessed by stakeholder when required.

Following statutory registers along with a proper index are required to be maintained by the company:

FORM – MGT-1 – Register of member

FORM – MGT-2 – Register of debenture-holder or any other security-holder

FORM –MGT-3 – Foreign register

FORM – MGT-4 –Non-holding of beneficial interest declaration

FORM –MGT-5 – Beneficial interest declaration                                                                

Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel and Their Shareholding                                         

SH-2 – Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificate                  

SH-3 – Register of Sweat Equity Shares 

SH-6 – Register of Employee Stock Option                                               

SH-10 – Register of Shares/Other Securities Bought Back                   

CHG-7 –Register of Charges            

Register of Loans, Guarantee        

MBP-2 – Register of loans, guarantee, security and acquisition made by the company                                   

MBP-3 – Register of Investment Not Held In Its Own Name by the Company

MBP-4 – Register of Contracts With Related Party And Contracts And Bodies Etc. In Which Directors Are Interested                                                

Register of Transfer of Shares

Register of deposit