Advisory on various matters of IPR w.r.t registration of Trademark, seeking infringement action, procedural aspects of obtaining patents, duration and validity of patent, copyright protection for web content as well as artistic work, registration of design or models etc. The intellectual property rights w.r.t copyrights are administered by DIPP (Department for Industrial Property and Promotion) since 2016. The process of obtaining IPR registration for a start-up is facilitated and fast-tracked. We provide extensive advise and opinion on IPR laws as under :

  • Trade Mark Act, 1999 and Trade mark rules of 2002 and 2017
  • The Patent Act, 1790 and Patent rules 2003 and Patent Amendment Rules 2016
  • Copyright Act, 1957 and Copy right rules 1958 and 2013
  • Design Act, 2000 and Design Rules 2001