Founded in the year 2014 with the objective to provide consultancy and advisory services to corporates and other business entities on issues relating to compliance and risk management. We are a specialized boutique solutions firm of corporate consultants. We offer complete corporate solutions and consultancy services to companies and businesses of all sizes including rising startups.

What We Offer

End to end corporate compliance solutions Including Incorporation services for all kinds of entities, secretarial compliances, regulatory compliances, winding up/strike off of entities etc.

Clients share their experience

"We had an outstanding experience with Coms during our company's registration process; their team provided exceptional guidance and support, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Their knowledgeable suggestions and proactive assistance were invaluable, making them a highly recommended partner for any business navigating company registration."
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"Our journey of launching our startup was significantly eased by the comprehensive guidance and expert advice provided by the team. Their dedication to ensuring we understood every step of the startup process was remarkable, making them an indispensable partner for any emerging business."
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"The team's approachability and remarkable patience stand out, offering a welcoming space for any queries we had. Their readiness to assist and unwavering support made our experience truly exceptional, highlighting their dedication to customer satisfaction."
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